Weekly and Fortnightly Boarding at Villiers

Villiers School provides residential accommodation for boys and girls on both a weekly and fortnightly basis. Students are housed in recently refurbished and modernised dormitories. Approx 40% of the boarders are from outside Ireland, with students from France, Germany, Spain and Russia. In this regard Villiers provides an international multicultural environment for all its students and most particularly for its residential students. Fortnightly boarders spend every second weekend with a host family, where they are encouraged to participate fully in family life.


The boarding school is under the supervision of the school principal and the day-to-day management of the dorms and the supervision/care of students is in the hands of Mr. Danny Carroll, Ms. Norma Ahern and Mrs. Dorothy Hartree. All teachers are involved, on a rota basis, in the supervision of boarders after school hours and at weekends.

This ensures that an "all-inclusive", "home away from home" atmosphere is provided for all boarding students, where they can feel accepted, safe, comfortable and valued.


Residential students are encouraged to get involved in organized sports in the school, such as Hockey, Rugby, Soccer and Basketball. The sports facilities include an all weather hockey pitch, indoor Basketball Courts and Gymnasium. The school also has a long-standing arrangement with a local soccer and rugby club for weekly use of their pitches/facilities. Students are further encouraged to join local sporting clubs/teams and provision is made for attendance at training and matches.


Students do not attend class at weekends. Saturday afternoons see many students visit the city to meet up with day students, shop and relax. An organised activity is provided each Sunday afternoon. This can range from sight-seeing, hill walking, surfing, go karting, paintballing and cinema visits.

Day Boarding

Day boarding is offered to those students who wish to avail of supervised study facilities, lunch and dinner. This is of huge benefit to students who travel long distances to school or to parents whose working hours are outside the normal school day.

Students attend normal classes and attend supervised study alongside weekly and fortnightly boarders until 9.30pm each evening. They also avail of lunch and dinner in the dining hall.

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