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Villiers School becomes an IB School, the first outside Dublin City

Villiers plans to offer the following subjects from September 2017:

1. Studies in language and literature (Group 1): Language and Literature A
         (English); Language A (self-taught)
    2. Language acquisition (Group 2): Language B (English); Language B (German)Language ab initio (Japanese)
    3. Individuals and societies (Group 3): Business Management; History
    4. Sciences (Group 4): Biology; Chemistry
    5. Mathematics (Group 5): Mathematics SL
    6. The arts (Group 6): A Group 1 Language (for Bilingual students); Language B (French); Language ab initio (Japanese); Chemistry; Business Management; Visual Arts

In Consultation with the IB Coordinator, alternative Group 1 and Group 2 languages may be available, but this option will incur an additional charge. To further augment the range of subjects available, Villiers has also established links with Pamoja Education.

Additional subjects available through Pamoja Education include:
Group 2: Mandarin ab initio; Spanish ab initio; Spanish B SL
Group 3: Economics; Philosophy; Psychology; Information Technology in a Global Society
Group 4: Mathematics HL
Group 6: Film SL

There will be an additional cost for each subject studied via Pamoja Education and there are limits regarding how many subjects can be studied via Pamoja Education. For further details please speak with the IBDP Coordinator and see http://www.pamojaeducation.com/.

IBDP students are also expected to study the core elements of Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), the Extended Essay (EE) and Theory of Knowledge (TOK).

For further information or if you have any queries, please telephone 061-451447 or email shanna@villiers-school.com

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